H2H Survey














District Information System for Education

This database is maintained in almost every states and every districts of India. This database contains several information of both Primary and Upper Primary schools. This database is updated every year based on the information available till 30th September of the specific year. This database is maintained at three levels viz.

               Central Level

               State Level

               District Level

Following information Can be obtained from different schools

               General Information on Location of Schools

               Information on School Infrastructure 

               Information on Drinking Water and Toilet Facility

               Information on Teachers

               Information of Age Wise, Class Wise and Gender Wise Enrolment of Schools

               Information on Incentives

               Information of Children with Disabilities

               Information of Repeaters and Long Absentees



School Evaluation 
This database contains the information  on the performance of the students in the term end examination and the attendance percentage of the students in each school. Through this database it would be possible to understand the Quality Issue of the Education in the district. 

The database has been designed by the District MIS Cell using 

          VB 6.0/ Access 2000





This database contains the information of each student in the primary school regarding their completion of the primary education in 4/5/6 years. From this database we will come to know the following information.



         CRF (Completion Rate of 4 Years)




This database contains the information of Blockwiase, Circle wise, Panchayat wise and Sansad wise information of different ICDS centres of the district. Apart from this it contains Name of AW workers, availability of drinking water, toilet, roof, window,floor etc. 






Siksha Tathya 
This database contains the information of Primary School, Upper Primary School, SSK and ICDS centres of each Sansad and the student enrolled in the respective schools.






Fund Information 
This database contains the information of fund provided to each school of the district from various sources viz.

The database is developed by District MIS Cell on ACCESS 2000

      Zilla Parishad

      MP LAD

      MLA LAD



      XII  Finance Commission










House to House Survey 
This database contains the Block wise, Panchayat wise and Sansad wise information of age wise population, family, Age specific Dropout & Handicapped Information 

The database is developed by External Agency on VB6.0/ACCESS 97









This database contains the Block wise, Circle Wise,Panchayat wise and Sansad wise information several things as followed.

        School Infrastructure and facility

        Fund from different Sources to be utilised in different   areas.

        Photographs of Both Primary and Upper Primary Schools     






Merging Software 
This software can merge any database on ACCESS/SQL SERVER segregated on different machines. This is very important for databases developed for stand alone machine. In that case several machine can be used for data entry and after that merge all the database to a single database.

The database is developed by District MIS Cell on VB6.0







Database Opener 
There are several databases maintained at the district and very frequently information is required from different databases. So to get the structure of each database and query prompt and report portion together is very essential. To mitigate this challenge a software is developed at the district level by  District MIS Cell on VB6.0








Project Management Information System 

PMIS  is required to monitor the project systematically according to the Activity wise Expenditure Statement against the approved annual work plan & Budgets for the year. The software has been developed and implemented at State Project Office and also in the existing & Expansion districts of DPEP .     

The software allows for logging each financial transaction to individual cost parameters so that subsequent analysis of the expenditure can be made for each of them . This also facilitates generation of various static's for the districts , individual blocks and municipalities, down to the circle level .  

The Software allows for logging the annual targets against each intervention area  broken up into various activities and sub-activities and the actual performance against those activities . The monitoring is done essentially for the financial aspect of the project with indicative parameters for the physical activities .  

The Software is intended to be run in the implementing districts and the State Project Office . The districts are also supposed to transmit data electionically to the State Server for collection and state level analysis 

The PIMS software has been successfully implemeted at SPO and 10 DPEP districts . District officials are generating the ongoing reports accordingly and sending the same as SPO regularly .          




School Sampark Abhiyan 




SLIP/ILIP (Integrated  Learning Improvement Programme)
The database contains information about SLIP/ILIP schools regarding their infrastructure, enrolment and teacher information.


Child Register  
The database contains information about the total number of household and their breakup, age wise gender wise & caste wise  total population, class wise gender wise different institution wise enrolment, never enrolled and dropout (age wise) children,  dropout student information (gender wise) , causes of dropout and information on disabled children (Gender wise and Type of disability).

The database is on Oracle 8i.


Hardest to Research Children

A survey among the Deprived Hard to Reach children will be conducted in all the districts of West Bengal under the SSA. It therefore becomes necessary to identify the pockets where the deprived children can be identified. There is a vast definition of this group socially & occupationally to be located in the district.